Driver's Education



There will be a spring dr. ed class beginning in Feb. Class will be held from 6:30-7:30 each Tues.-Friday. Monday classes will be held from 8-11 a.m. A parent must attend the first 20 min. of class on the first day and again near the end of class (date to be determined later).  Class will run approx. through March or early April. Drives will be scheduled in addition to the class hours.


The cost is $200. You may pay in full or on a payment plan in the high school office. You must pay at least half ($100) to reserve your space in the class and must be paid in full by the end of class. First signed and paid will have the first priority. If we do not get at least 12 we will cancel the class. Your money will be refunded if the class is canceled.


Students MUST have purchased their permit BEFORE the first day of class at the DMV.  The cost is $21.50. Students must be at least 14 ½ to get a permit. A copy of the receipt must be turned into the high school office prior to the first day of class. Please get a copy of the Idaho Driver’s Manuel when you get your permit. The manuals are free. I do not provide these and they are required for class. If you do not have your permit by the first day of class you may not be in the class. Sign up in the high school office and get the necessary info. and paperwork before going to get your permit. Information is also located on the district website.

If you have any questions please see or call Mrs. Lamun (208) 431-7973.

Dr. Ed. Requirements


Supervised Instruction Permit receipt from the DMV


Payment of class fees


30 hours of classroom instruction-(depending on schedule usually works out to no more than 3 absences) (3 tardies=1 absence)


80% classroom grade


 80% grade or higher on class final


6 hours of driving with Dr. Ed. teacher and 6 hours of observation in Dr. Ed. car


NO Driving on public roads while in Dr. Education unless in the Dr. Ed. vehicle with the instructor


Suspensions from school= automatic failure of Dr. Education