School Supplies

English - Mrs. Clark & Mrs. Van Sickle

2 composition notebooks (to stay in the classroom)

Pens adn pencils

Loose leaf paper

Colored pencils

Box of Kleenex

Black Sharpie

Glue Sticks

Suggested: 1 GB travel drive (thumb drive or Flash drive)


Social Studies - Mr Ayers
3 ring binder

Subject dividers

Loose Leaf College Ruled Paper



Black or Blue pens

Colored Pencils


Suggested: 1 GB minimum Travel Drive (Thumb Drive)


Science - Mrs. Mussmann

2 Spiral notebooks

1 package colored pencils

Pens and Pencils

Social Studies - Mr. Lancaster

1 spiral notebook

Pens and pencils

Math - Mr. Hunter, Mr. Jarvis & Mrs. Juker

Pencils for the entire year

Calculator - preferably TI-30 XS Multi-View

Eigth grade - prefer mechanical pencils

Erasers - we make mistakes in math

Colored pens for correcting and note taking

College-ruled white loose leaf paper - for the entire year

No spiral notebooks

1 thick steno notebook for math notes ONLY

1 two pocket folder - for keeping corrected assignments & homework

KEEP AT HOME: protractor, compass, ruler - inch and metric